In August of 2012 I turned 50. So I decided to have my mid life crisis by buying myself a Mini Cooper. I justified this purchase by choosing the Clubman style. It has apron rear doors and fits up to 4 Sheltie size crates with the back seat folded down. (We have a van for going to dog shows.)
I also decided it was time to have the most competitive Sheltie I could for agility. Since I could not decide whether I wanted to be in the 12 inch or 16 inch division I kept one of each from my litter of seven.
This completed my mid life crisis acquisitions and I settled into driving my two new litter mate performance prospects back and fourth from the training center in my Mini Cooper. Life is good!
Fab: Is my new 16 inch division partner. She matured to 15 inches. She is very moderate with a beautiful small almond shaped eye, lean head and her conformation is excellent. She is blazing fast and has moved up to the Masters division recently. My only disappointment is she does not like herding. 
Cheer: Competes in the 12 inch division. She is 13 3/4 inches with a beautiful sweet expression and perfect agility conformation. At less than two years of age, she is always in the placements in the 12 inch Masters division and has won the division many times. She also has 8 double Qs towards MACH. In addition, she loves herding so hopefully she will be another possible CH + VCX for Pinelands Shelties. I am hoping to finish them both in conformation. 
Cheer's Registered Name is: Pinelands Amati Hip Hip Hooray, MX, MXJ
Fab's Registered Name is: Pinelands Amati Simply Fab, AX, AXJ
Both my girls are a dream come true to compete in agility and I am so glad I kept them both.

Fab & Cheer

Am CH Woodlands Forest Ranger

Am CH Sunebank Woodland Hunter

Am Can CH Winslow Summit Rob Roy

Sunebank Trouble In Paradise, HC

Chelsea Summer Romance

Am CH Benayr Keep Smiling

Am CH Sunebank Summer Secrets

Am Can CH/MACH3 Foxcroft I-Mar Winnie PT VCX

Winslow Summit Recollection

Am CH Winslow Summit King Tut

Harbor Fiendish Fallon

Am Can CH Foxcroft I-Mar Stolen Glance

Am Can CH Carmylie The Frontrunner, ROMC

Am Can CH Foxcroft Little Vixen, HC

BPISS Pinelands-Amati Fly So Free, CD, HSAs, AX, AXJ, NF, VCX

GCH CH Talisker's Bengal

Am Can Jap CH BISS Grandgables It's Show Time

CH Willow Cove's Time Card, ROM, ROMC

Can CH Ravenscourt Grandgable Success, ROMC

Am Can CH Shelhaven Pop'N Up At Talisker

Am Can CH Cindahope Trademark, ROMC

Can CH Laureate Savanna White, ROMC

CH/MACH2 Foxcroft Pinelands Mustang Sally, HSAs, HIAs, MXG, MJG, XF, VCX

Am CH Woodlands Forest Ranger

Am Can CH/MACH3 Foxcroft I-Mar Winnie PT VCX

Am CH/MACH2 I-Mar's Stolen Reflection, MXC, MJC, MXP2, MJP2, MJPB

Am Can CH Foxcroft I-MAR Encore

Am Can CH Ringsend Mimosa