CH/MACH4 Foxcroft I-Mar Pinelands Ranger, HSAs, MXC, MJC2, XF, VCX
          CH Woodlands Forest Ranger x AM CAN CH/MACH3 Foxcroft I-Mar Winnie PT VCX"
Linus" is my husband's second agility dog and his pride and joy. He is our Winnie's son and yes he does have a sister named "Lucy". Linus is a second generation Double Champion Versatility Excellent dog and the fourth for Pinelands Shelties.  Linus is such a character that he keeps us laughing with his antics. Linus is a rascal...outgoing, "fresh" but friendly, we always joke about how "Everybody loves Linus"!
Linus is a super fast agility dog and he and Glen are crowd favorites at all our local agility trials. Linus and Glen continue to trade the top placements with some of the best handler dog teams in our area. Linus and Glen have competed in two AKC National Agility Championships and have qualified to try out for the AKC Agility World team twice.
This past May, Glen and Linus had a great showing at World team Tryouts, placing 4th in round two and qualifying for the finals on the first day. Linus and Glen made the wait list for the European Open.
UPDATE: Glen and Linus made it to the finals at this years AKC National Agility Championship! They had five clean rounds and ended up 11th out of 269 dogs.
Linus comes from a long line of shelties with great herding instinct which he has passed on to many of his offspring that have tried herding. He has sired three shelties that have been ranked in AKC Herding. He earned his Herding Started Title with three second place wins in large classes and has also been ranked in Herding. 
Conformation: Linus finished his AKC Breed Championship with back to back Specialty wins!  He was owner handled all the way. 
Linus is OFA Good, VWD DNA Clear, Eye Cerf Normal, MDR-1 Normal Normal Thyroid Normal.
He is available to approved Bitches.
He has proven to be a great performance sire. Below is a list of his titled children to date:

Titled Offspring of Linus:

I would like to Honor our Stud Dog Linus in a belated Fathers Day Tribute:CH/MACH4 Foxcroft I-Mar Pinelands Ranger,HSAs, MXC, MJC2, XF, VCX, 
(AKC National Agility Finalist, 2014)
Linus has sired 43 puppies, 31 have Titles so far, 11 have Championships. 
A huge thanks to all the owners of his offspring for providing the best loving homes any breeder could have hoped for. Below is the list oldest to youngest:

"Kayla"        MACH4 Foxcroft Pinelands Meant To Be, UD, MXB2, MJS2, NF
"Jake"         Pinelands Forest Ranger 
"Sally"        CH/MACH2 Foxcroft Pinelands Mustang Sally, HSAs, HIAs, MXG, MJG, XF VCX
"Marcy"       Pinelands Marcy of Northwind 
 "Kasey"      UKC CH Foxcroft Pinelands Special K
"Whiskey"    Amati Happy Hour, UD, MXB, MJB, MXF, MFB,T2B
"Cordell"     Amati Ranger's Star, CD, RE, HSAds,HIAs, HXAs, OA, OAJ, HTD-1, HTAD-2, RLF-1
"Rennie"      Amati Renaissance Man, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, 
  "Joey"        MACH2/C-ATCH2 Amati's Technicolor Dreamcoat,MXG, MJG, XF
   "Liza"        Amati's Musical Star, UDX3, OM6, VER, RE, CGC
  "Snafu"      MACH2 Amati-Title Wave Just My Luck, PT, MXG, MJG
  "Taxi"         Amati Anne's Starlite Taxi, RN
  "Kai"          MACH3 Airborne-Pinelands Making Waves, RN, MX, MXB, MXJ
  "Jett"          Airborne Pinelands High Flyer, MX, MXJ, T2B, XF
"Gunner"      MACH Airborne's Top Gun from Pinelands, HSAds, MXS, MXJ, MJG, OF, CGC
"Rummie"     Airborne Pinelands Rum Runner, HT, MX, MXJ, 
 "Spring"       MACH3 Airborne's Pinelands Breath of Fresh Air, RN, MXB, OF, T2B
"Eddie"    Jenlen Something to Be Proud Of,CD,BN,RA,PT, MXP2, MXPB, MJP3, MJPB, NF, OFP, T2BP2
"Precious"     Jenlen's Simply Irressistable
"Skye"           Jen Len Blue Skye Of Scotland
"Sweetness"  Jenlen's Sweetness II
"Caylee"        Jenlen's Caylee II
  "Jet"            MACH/U-ACH Pinelands Floating on Air MXS,MJS,MXF, T2B
"Acela"          U-ACH Pinelands Acela-Rate
 "Beau"         CH Foxcroft Pinelands Kentucky Beau, HSAds, HIAds, MX, MXJ, OF, VCX
"Duncan"      Foxcroft Laurelen Duncan Hines, HSAds
"Spice"         Foxcroft Pineland Everything Nice, AX, AXJ
"Sassy"         Foxcroft Pinelands All That Sass, NA, NAJ
"Cheer"         Pinelands Amati Hip Hip Hooray, MX, MXJ
  "Fab"          Pinelands Amati Simply Fab, AX, AXJ
 "Lucca"        Pinelands Amati Casa De Lucca, MX, MXJ
  "Surf"          Pinelands Surfs Up At Normandy, PT, HSAsd, AX, AXJ, OF, CGC
"Aeryn"         Pinelands Amati It's About Time,  AX, MXJ, OF
 "Ty"              Pinelands-Amati Glad Tydings (In Training)
"Asta"           Pinelands Amati Turner Classic Movie, NA, NAJ
"Fred"           Pinelands Trivia Right Said Fred, (ptd) 2 legs towards his NA & NAJ
"Albert"         Trivia King Of Diamonds (legs in novice)
"Patch"         Trivia's Forever Devoted (In Training)
"Laser"         Trivia Laser Tag At Carlinhill (In Training)
"Faith"           Foxcroft Ewe Keep The Faith, HT
"Turner"         Foxcroft Ewe Turn'Em, HT, CGC
"Mercy"         Foxcroft Mercy Me (In Training)
"Charlie"       Foxcroft Good Times Charlie Brown (In Training)                     
"Linus" is Co-Bred and Co-Owned with Foxcroft Shelties

Linus' Career

Linus finished with a Specialty Major

Linus' Pedigree