Sally and Ben Litter

SIRE: "Ben"  Am GCH Can CH Taliskers Bengal
DAM: "Sally" CH/MACH2 Foxcroft Pinelands Mustang Sally, HSAs, HIAs, MXG, MJG, XF, VCX 

"Darcie" BPISS CH Pinelands Heaven Help Me, MX, MXJ, XF Co-Owned and Handled by Vicky Nelson, DVM & Susan Bintliff
"Grace"  BPISS Pinelands-Amati Fly So Free, CD, HSAs, AX AXJ, NF, HTAD-1, VCX (Major Pointed) Co-Owned and Handled by Cathy Ammlung & Susan Bintliff
  "Luc"   MACH Pinelands Bold Start, HSAs, MXG, MJS, MXF, MFG, T2B4 Owned and Handled by Gloria Weintrub, DVM
  "Ritz"    MACH Foxcroft Pinelands Ritz It Up! MXS, MJS, XF, T2B2  Owned and Handled by Katie Conn
"Rowdy" Pinelands Runs On The Wildside, CDX, RA, OA, OAJ, OF Owned and Handled by Janice Anthes

This was my first litter conceived by Chilled Semen. Five puppies one AI, timed correctly! I first saw Ben at a comformation show in Massachutsets. I had been on the hunt for a husband for my Sally and one look at Ben's beautiful face and I started to think, perhaps my search has ended. Then I saw him move around the ring and I was sure.
Thanks to the dedicated owners who trusted me to place the puppy with the potential to match their training ability this litter of five can now boast two performance Champions and one Breed Champion, with the other two having many titles working towards their Championships as well! Thanks to the owners of these special dogs. You are who make Pinelands Shelties great!
More photos to come!