CH MACH 3 Foxcroft I-Mar Winnie, PT, MXC, MJS2, MJP2, MJPB, VCX

Winslow Summit Recollection x AM CAN CH Foxcroft I-Mar Stolen Glance
"Winnie" is our foundation Bitch. She and my husband Glen are" two peas in a pod" so to speak. To put it another way, I would never ask him to choose between me and his favorite girl...I may end up single! 
Winnie is the dog we learned about conformation, herding and agility with. At over twelve years of age Winnie  is still enjoying competing in agility. After she finished MACH3 we moved her down to the preferred agility division and she is still going strong at over 12 years of age. Winnie is a testament to the health and longevity of this breed and our line in particular.
She has done everything we have ever asked of her and she can do what ever she pleases for the rest of her life.
Winnie is the first bitch in sheltie history to be an American Canadian Conformation Champion and Versatility Excellent dog. She has since distinguished herself further by adding three MACH's to this achievement.
"Winnie" was Bred and Co-owned by close friends:
Nancy & Bob Runyon
Foxcroft Shelties
Thanks for sharing her with us.