Sire: CH/MACH3 Foxcroft I-Mar Pinelands Ranger, HSAs, MXC, MJG, XF, VCX
Dam: PInelands-Amati Fly So Free, CD, HSAs, AX, AXJ, NF, VCX

This was my litter back as part of an agreement that Cathy and I had for Grace. I chose to do a grandsire/granddaughter line breeding since Grace was an outcross.
Seven puppies born on Sunday afternoon on April 15, 2012. Four Girls, Three boys. I could not be more excited! I was looking forward to this breeding since I was very ready for my next agility partner and so were several of my friends. Grace was one of my all time favorite bitches and I decided since Linus was and always will be my favorite dog it just made sense. 
Co-Breeder/Co-Owner of Grace, Cathy Ammlung arrived on the scene soon after all were born and announced since there were seven puppies I was going to be doing a lot of laundry so their names would be:
Breeze, Bounce, Fab, Cheer, Surf, Tide and Wisk.  
Breeze became "Asta", Bounce became "Aeryn", Tide became "Ty", Wisk became "Lucca"  and "Surf", "Fab", and "Cheer" kept their puppy names. 
I kept "Cheer" and "Fab" since I could not make up my mind which one I liked better. This litter is doing fantastic with their owners. They are less than two years of age and five of the seven have many Titles already. 
Here are their Registered Names and Titles To Date:
"Cheer"  Pinelands Hip Hip Hooray, MX, MXJ (7 Double Qs towards MACH)
"Fab"      Pinelands Simply Fab, AX, AXJ
"Lucca"  Pinelands-Amati Casa Di Lucca, AX, AXJ (3 Double Qs towards MACH)
"Aeryn"  Pinelands Amati It's About Time, NA, AXJ, NF
'Surf"      Pinelands Surf's Up At Normandy, HSAs, OA, OAJ, OF, CGC 
"Ty"        Pinelands-Amati Glad Tydings (In Training)
'Asta"     Pinelands Amati Turner Classic Movie (In Training)

Enjoy Our Journey...